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August 30, 2010

Mistress stories are often amazing and astoundingly gripping once you give it a try. It is quite obvious of how such stories get you attention in a single glimpse. The very thought of getting to know about the genuine sessions and their fantasy session, especially from the real mistresses and slaves around the world is pretty much breath taking. If you are someone who is very much into it, I needn’t stress too much on its impact and the curiosity it creeps within our very mind.

bdsm, short for Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism, is also one of the most aggressive forms where two or more people in several roles. Digging in deep, bdsm involves one person playing the dominant role and the other playing a submissive one. In a nutshell, a master and slave concept, but here the dominant one administers pain to the submissive person by means of torture and whipping. bdsm stories are hence as gripping as the mistress stories. There are several online resources granting you access to an extremely wide range of such bdsm stories.

BDSM stories are sometimes so overwhelming depending upon the intensity of pain it involves. Of course, an aggressive form of such bondage may even give the first time readers goose bumps. You should try out some of the free stories available to know what BDSM actually is all about. The very torture involved in it is the essence of these torture bdsm stories. The strange part in bdsm is that the submissive person enjoys increasingly being in bondage, while the dominant person enjoys the experience of power.

So that is basically what adds up to the aggressive nature of slave BDSM stories. There are over thousands of resources available online that are up to serve a bdsm story or some mistress stories.

Good Old Threesome Mistress Stories

February 23, 2011
Good Old Threesome Mistress Stories

The last short story I shared with you from the collection of my mistress stories was the coffee shop scene. That was one of my first experiment on torture BDSM stories. My date wanted to have more but I cannot give him what he wants. I am the dominant mistress remember. I am supposed to manipulate desires, not submit to their request. However, the best of the dominant mistress stories is yet to come. I decided to give it a try getting off my panties in broad daylight right in the coffee shop. The boy who just cum started to get hard again seeing that I was slowly getting off my panties. Another passersby noticed the boy standing so close to glass and peeped what he was doing. She was astonished looking at the hard 9.5 inch cock protruding right in front of her. She walked out of one of the great mistress stories crime scene. It was so funny.

The best mistress stories is not really the bedroom torture BDSM stories but the unnoticed torture BDSM stories happening in the open public coffee shop. The thrill is uncontrollable. The rising interest about no penetration sex is getting to be a fad for me and maybe with these two guys too. I put on my lipstick and kiss the neck of my date. There it goes, lipstick so clear and red in broad daylight. If he is a married man, he would be in trouble because the lipstick stained the shirt too. I was not looking for trouble. I was looking for extended fun. I kiss his shoulders and put some bite marks in his arms. He groaned at the pained but really loving the pain. I cannot tell he was so focused looking at my wet pussy.

I started to put my fingers on my clit and then slid it on my pussy. I hop up and down and let his tongue play with my other hand. We were kind of messy now. And the boy was really hard too looking at us. I jump and let the boy see my wet pussy and my fingers fucking it. He started to masturbate on our front and my date was amazingly focused on his dick now. Wow! Is he a homosexual? I am not sure but he was waving on the boy to come inside. I agreed that they grab each of my breasts and pinch my nipples. I moaned as they pinched and caressed my body. They cannot do more because we were on a public place. Great mistress stories could happen in public places unnoticed. I then shouted when I cum. They thought they are going to cum too. I hastily put on my panties, kissed them, and said goodbye. The two of them were sitting there stunned by how a dominant mistress could make them hard and just leave them still hard. I left my phone number. See you guys soon.

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Memoirs of a Mistress BDSM Player

February 21, 2011
Memoirs of a Mistress BDSM Player

I had been writing about my life being a mistress BDSM player. I never expected to write my own life as a cruel mistress and maybe make a novel out of my humiliation mistress short story collections in the near future. I was a shy girl before I became a full pledge spitting mistress BDSM. I never dated and did not even bother kissing a boy in my life. I was just so happy reading my books and playing my music after school. But then, one day, my friend sent me an ebook about BDSM. I read the entire mistress BDSM story and learned some techniques. I searched for a date online that I could experiment on my BDSM newly found cruel mistress role technique to make a man reach orgasm without penetration. This is great and interesting but I need someone who does not know me at school.

Luckily, I had found someone in the Yahoo chat room who is twice my age. We agreed to meet in a nearby coffee shop. In the coffee shop, he looked so cool and confident. He seemed to know how to seduce me. But then, when I started to become the cruel mistress BDSM he stop manipulating the story and became silent. He stared and watched what I was doing at the coffee shop table. I reached for his hands and slid it right into my freshly washed pussy. I can see he is sweating. His eyes began to look at the other people taking their coffees at the shop. However, we were seated at the corner so no one could see us although someone from the street could see what we were doing as we were facing the street. A boy stood there looking at us and the passersby.

I played my clit with his fingers and moaned. He was breathing heavily now and felt so hot. I continued my ecstasy. This is great. I am in command and he does not even know me. Humiliation mistress is not the role I wish to do, but the fun has started. I let my finger and his finger penetrate my hot and wet pussy at the same time. I opened my legs enough for the boy on the street see our fingers pushing up and down my pussy. The boy’s mouth opened in amazement and then he became excited and came near the glass watching us. I enjoyed the treat. Two people watching me reach high ecstasy. I am almost there. I could feel it. I reached for my date’s penis and grab it hard enough for him to feel my hand inside his pants. We were both moaning and groaning. I cannot hold the ticklish feeling anymore. I let his tongue touch my breast. The people at the counter cannot see us but the boy on the street was already masturbating in front of us. We both shouted at the same time and cum. The boy shouted and cum. The three of us laughed as we look at each other.

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Mistress Stories : How Rape And Torture Turned Out To Be Sex Pleasure

February 16, 2011
Mistress Stories : How Rape And Torture Turned Out To Be Sex Pleasure

I was shocked to death when my sister told me that she has been raped and tortured for a few times in a week! I felt sorry because no one was there to help her out. I felt terrible because nobody told me about the tragic incident and she definitely needs someone to rely to at that particular time. I was so angry to hear how bad my sister has been toyed around helplessly for a week! Nonetheless, her excited tone and pleased expression while telling me her tragic rape incident leave me in a huge curiosity. Unexpectedly, she seemed to be calmed and excited without signs of being scared, terrified, and other similar feelings that a rape victim should have felt after a week of being raped and toyed around helplessly.

Is this some kind of joke?

No, definitely not a joke! I felt intense pleasure during the rape. I cannot express how happy I was to experience being raped by them. I don’t mind to be raped over and over again! It is a turn on and I have my climax in a very sensual way. It feels just like one of those magazine mistress stories we have read about torture bdsm stories. Oh, don’t you know that there were so many scenes and skills I learned from the bdsm stories library”. At that point, I did not know what to say and I was still shocked to hear my sister’s unbelievable confession. In my sane thought, my mind has been wandering around the possibility that my beloved sister has gone insane due to the extreme torture that she had over the week.

She then laughed like crazy right on my face! “You should have a good look at yourself now. That rapist is someone dearest to me – It’s John! We have decided to do it differently last week after we have read a few erotic scenes on torture bdsm stories. We have been googling all night through the bdsm stories library to find out the most enticing practices done by a few couples, which have been told in most mistress stories section. Once again, I have no idea what she is talking about and why she is so excited with mistress stories and all these BDSM sex acts.

My sister then revealed her erotic BDSM sex scene with her lover, which they have learned through the torture bdsm stories. She convinced me that all the bdsm action she read, learned, and practiced from the bdsm stories library was not hurting at all! The most exciting part from her bdsm trial is to have a 9-inch vibrator forced inside her pussy. The rapist also clamped vibrator on her large boobs and to both of her nipples.

“I was wet all over my body and the vibrator helped to stimulate my senses and turned me on for a couple of times in an hour foreplay session before we were making out. It was like am going to go crazy!!!”, she confessed and the smile on her face approved it. I must be out of my mind but her story has somehow influenced me to try the bdsm sex scene with my partner. I planned to read few more mistress stories, especially the one on the torture bdsm stories in the bdsm stories library.

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